owo, what's that?

You can call me Trash or just Kage. My pronouns are he/him and they/them. I'm 25 years old. I'm also huge edgelord and a kinnie. Probably neurodivergent (idc that much, just letting you know).
Be afraid.
Currently obsessed with: Identity V

pls go away

  • MINORS (for some reason everyone ignore that. I'm grown ass man, I'm really uncomfortable talking to much younger people, especially I don't have any filter and often talk about nsfw or just sensitive stuff)

  • racists, transphobes, homophobes etc. I'm not ult leftist (I'm still educating myself on that stuff) and I'm trying to understand people with different views. Just don't be a dick to others ig

  • pedos or supporters. Just no. That's pretty self-explanatory

  • incest, pedo or questionable pairings shippers

pregame Shuichi Saihara/Kagehara
(New Danganronpa V3)

Nagito Komaeda
(Super Danganronpa 2)

Angel Dust
(Hazbin Hotel)

Edgar Valden
(Identity V)

  • Shuichi Saihara (New Danganronpa V3)

  • Kazuichi Souda (Super Danganronpa 2)

  • Nagisa Shingetsu (Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls)

  • Hajime Hinata (Danganronpa 3: despair arc)

  • Light Yagami (Death Note)

  • Andrew Kreiss (Identity V)

  • Mitsuba Souske (Toilet bound Hanako-kun)

  • RED Scout (Team Fortress 2)

  • Zim (Invader Zim)

  • Burgerpants (Undertale)

  • Bruce Banner/Hulk (Marvel Comics)

  • Deadpool (Marvel Comics)

  • Sebastian (Fight Club)

  • Earl of Lemongrab (Adventure Time)

  • Seven (Scissors Seven)


  • Danganronpa

  • my friends

  • Memes

  • Vocaloid

  • sleep

  • talking about death

  • Cartoons

  • Drawing

  • Bioshock

  • Alt fashion and makeup

  • Cosplaying

  • Gore (both fictional and irl)

  • Writing rps

  • Horror (saw, junji ito, Cronenberg)

  • Dark humor

  • Weed and stuff


  • Hot weather

  • Sound of chewing

  • Loud noises

  • When I'm not perfect

  • Drawing

  • Talking about politics and religion

  • Himiko Yumeno

  • Alcohol (still drinking it tho)